What Path to Take When Your Car Lease Ends

November 15th, 2017 by

It’s not uncommon to find people suffering financially and still struggling to pay a lease. Is it really worth it? Making financial decisions is crucial to your long-term goals. So, when your car lease comes to an end what do you plan to do afterwards? Here at Siemans Chrysler, Dodge, Ram & Jeep, we can help!


Why not retain your leased model and extend your lease period? This may be motivated by the fact that the car may hold memories for you or perhaps signing a new lease or loan will be too expensive at the moment. Another way would be buying your leased car. The car may hold beautiful memories for you and your family, making it difficult for you to part. The last option would be to give it back and not have any lease agreement. You may have become exhausted financially and emotionally.

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