Keep Your Gas Tank Full This Winter

December 22nd, 2017 by


Now that winter is here; you’ll probably need to visit your mechanic to ensure that your car is in its best shape this season. It’s also important to you keep your gas tank full when the weather is cold.

The main reason that your gas tank should be full is to make sure that there’s no condensation your tank. When there isn’t enough fuel in the vehicle, air will fill the tank, and this air will create moisture. The moisture will then find its way to the fuel lines and this makes the lines freeze. Frozen fuel lines make your car go slower and could be a safety hazard when you’re on the road.

It’s also best to keep your tank full in the winter because gas prices are significantly higher during this season. This could be better for your budget than visiting the gas station a few times a week. For more advice, don’t hesitate to rely on our staff at Siemans Chrysler, Dodge, Ram & Jeep this winter season!

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